Local Community : Grupo AMAR (Alianza de Medicos Al Rescate)

Name: AMAR (Alianza de medicos Al Rescate) (Alliance Medical Rescue Puerto Rico Inc.) Alliance Medical Rescue Puerto Rico, Inc. is a nonprofit group, consisting of Doctors, Nurses, Health Professionals and Volunteers.

What is the communitys affiliation: The are an interdisciplinary team and interdenominational. There main purpose is to provide voluntary and free health care services in general.

What makes this community interesting to you? Why did you decide to feature this community?: This group interested me because it has a local purpuse and it’s to help other people from different countries especially from places that are poor gratuitous, with a lot of heart and passion by doing it.

What activities does the community participate in,where,when,how?: They participate in different countries of Latin America and different places from Puerto Rico. Most of the time every holiday and when something like a unexpected disaster.

How can we learn more about the community? (Links, or websites): We can find them in the Hermanos Melendez Hospital , contacting them calling 787-786-6025 or them myspace page www.myspace.com/grupo_amar.

Describe your participation in the community: I used to be a member of the group a while ago, traveling to different places and serving the community by helping them.


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